Our Process

The Arrowhead Method

The efficiency of an arrow is determined only by its tip's design. The fundamental function of the arrowhead's tip is to penetrate the target as deeply as possible. In the same manner, a recruitment firm's abilities are dependent solely on its recruiting strategy. This has a significant impact on their capacity to discover competent candidates for the roles for which they are recruiting. Keeping this in mind, we devised the arrowhead technique for locating, identifying, and recruiting candidates to meet our clients' needs.

Our methodology consists of a nine-step, adaptable procedure based on candidate responses and optimized for productivity. This includes many layers of searching, specialized outreach, various levels of follow-up, and an elaborate screening procedure. Each stage in the process builds on the input from the previous phase and gives us a greater picture of the market's dynamics and helps determine how soon a position can be filled.

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The average timeline for a job to go through this process would be a week at the minimum. This can even extend up to two to three weeks, depending on the complexity and markets scenoario for the search.

The Process

These stages in our process must be followed in the order below, as each stage builds upon the other.

Cursory Search

This is a Level 1 search to acquire basic market knowledge and determine who is immediately available for the role.

Market Intelligence

This is a second-level search to obtain further market information and begin compiling a comprehensive list of candidates. By utilizing social media, this stage adds a fresh depth to the prior level.

Customized Search

This is the third level, in which we construct a customized search engine to locate applicants outside of our network. The purpose of this is to find prospects who might have been previously overlooked.

Market Map

Perform a market and competitive analysis within a 25-mile radius of the position. This allows us to compile a comprehensive list of applicants.

Target List

The candidate list is reviewed, and a target list is generated. The list varies incase, if the role is for a specific location or remote.

Thorough Screening

A more thorough screening is conducted, and the final outreach list is compiled. The list varies incase, if the role is for a specific location or remote.

Step Outreach

This step includes a five-step outreach with 10 specialized touchpoints, providing numerous chances for applicants to reply in order to assess their degree of interest, and the compilation of a final list for screening.


The next phase in the process is the selection of the last two to three applicants, who will be presented to the customer.


This stage consists of us either presenting the candidates or presenting the obstacles we encountered throughout the search together with the necessary facts for the client to make an educated decision.