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Engaged Search Service

"Providing businesses and employees with the tools they need to succeed by making smarter decisions throughout the employee life cycle"

ENGAGE SEARCH SERVICE is an industry proven method of working with our expert recruiters on a retained basis for which we charge an upfront fee to the client to conduct a search, the fee is deductible from the total placement fee.

We work very closely with their client and take our time and use an agreed methodology to find the best person for the job. The process is rigorous without shortcuts to provide a shortlist of anything from three to ten names being presented before interviews commence, and all our client has to do is pick the one they like the most.


Higher priority level: The upfront structure of Engage Search Service ensures that the placement takes higher priority than commission-based placements.

Niche roles: The Engage Search Service prioritizes quality. We involve only our top recruiters who have a high success percentage in this search. This is appropriate for a high-stakes position for which candidates should be ideally suited.

Only the best: When there is no rush to complete the search, more time can be spent to ensure the absolute best and most qualified applicant is selected, which is of significant long-term advantage to the business.

Proactivity: The Engage Search Service provides access to applicants who are currently employed, allowing us to broaden their search and increase the likelihood of discovering the candidate with the specific, specialized skill sets required for the specialty position.